About Me

Paul Henkiel

I am a college physics teacher and have taught at the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie Wisconsin. My interests are mostly related to science/physics stuff. In particular how light behaves. So you will find material related to optics, photography, the science of color, anything light related. Weather is also an interest. Living in Wisconsin during the winter the temperature can be -20 degrees Fahrenheit, and remain below zero for a couple weeks. Also in the summer there are tornadoes. This made me think about the weather. Stout had a weather station that the Physics department operated. It collected a lot of interesting data. Some of it I will present on this website.

About This Site

For me, the main purpose of this site is to learn how to build and design a website. I am learning the build part first by studying XHTML, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. A better design will follow. Also I want to learn how to integrate a WordPress blog and photo gallery into my website. My current emphasis will be on the building and design and less on posting a lot of new content.